Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry

Nano-gold capillary immunochromatographic assay for parvalbumin.

PMID 25168115


A novel non-instrumental bioanalysis based on colloidal-gold immunochromatography in a modified glass capillary was developed and named capillary immunochromatographic assay (CICA). In this report, glass capillary was proposed as a support in immunochromatographic assay because of its excellent characteristics. Goat anti-rabbit IgG and parvalbumin (PV) were immobilized on the inner wall of the glass capillary as control zone and test zone, respectively. The CICA was constructed, and main variables for the performance were optimized. Using an important allergen of fish products (parvalbumin, PV) as the target, the analytical efficiency of the developed technique was investigated and the visual detection limit (VDL) and semi-quantitative limit of detection (LOD) were estimated to be 70 ng mL(-1) and 40 ng mL(-1), respectively. The coefficient of variation (CV) for the intra-assay and inter-assay was calculated for the PV concentration of 50 ng mL(-1), and the entire operation, including sample preparation, was consistently performed in 30 min. The developed technique was implemented and validated with different foodstuffs, including Scophthalmus maximus (Linnaeus), surimi products, and livestock, confirming sufficient accuracy and precision of results and verifying the method to be efficacious. These results enabled us to propose CICA as a new and promising technique for simple, rapid, and on-site screening of PV in biological samples.

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