Neurologia i neurochirurgia polska

Intrafamilial variability of the primary dystonia DYT6 phenotype caused by p.Cys5Trp mutation in THAP1 gene.

PMID 25168324


Mutations localized in THAP1 gene, locus 18p11.21 have been reported as causative of primary dystonia type 6 (DYT6). Disease which is characterized mainly by focal dystonia, frequently involving the craniocervical region, however associated also with early-onset generalized dystonia and spasmodic dysphonia. Here we report a novel mutation in the THAP1 gene identified in a Polish family with DYT6 phenotype - the c.15C>G substitution in exon 1 introducing the missense mutation p.Cys5Trp within the N-terminal THAP domain. The mutation was described in two generations, in patients showing a broad spectrum of focal and generalized dystonia symptoms of variable onset. Our results indicate that certain mutations in the THAP1 gene may lead to primary dystonia with remarkable intrafamilial clinical variability.