Veterinary ophthalmology

Isolation and cultivation of canine uveal melanocytes.

PMID 25176505


To establish a method for isolation and culture of canine uveal melanocytes. Uveal explants from five mixed-breed dogs. Donor globes were dissected, and the anterior uvea removed. The uveal explants were placed in trypsin solution for enzymatic digestion. Extracted cells were cultured in modified F12 media. Immunocytochemistry was performed to confirm the identity of the extracted cells. Melanocytes were successfully isolated from uveal explants. Contaminating cell types were not observed. Repeated passaging of the melanocytes resulted in a gradual decrease in intracellular pigment. Melanocyte cell lines could be cryopreserved, thawed, and cultures successfully reestablished. This extraction technique allows for generation of large populations of canine uveal melanocytes in a relatively short period of time. This technique could be a useful tool for future studies investigating both normal cellular characteristics and alterations found in melanocytes from dogs with ocular melanocytic disorders.