Macromolecular bioscience

Sprayed cells and polyelectrolyte films for biomaterial functionalization: the influence of physical PLL-PGA film treatments on dental pulp cell behavior.

PMID 25212873


Further development of biomaterials is expected as advanced therapeutic products must be compliant to good manufacturing practice regulations. A spraying method for building-up polyelectrolyte films followed by the deposition of dental pulp cells by spraying is presented. Physical treatments of UV irradiation and a drying/wetting process are applied to the system. Structural changes and elasticity modifications of the obtained coatings are revealed by atomic force microscopy and by Raman spectroscopy. This procedure results in thicker, rougher and stiffer film. The initially ordered structure composed of mainly α helices is transformed into random/β-structures. The treatment enhanced dental pulp cell adhesion and proliferation, suggesting that this system is promising for medical applications.