International journal of molecular medicine

Identification of a NFKBIA polymorphism associated with lower NFKBIA protein levels and poor survival outcomes in patients with glioblastoma multiforme.

PMID 25215581


The aberrant constitutive activation of nuclear factor-κBxa0(NF-κB) has been observed in glioblastomas, while NF-κB inhibitor alphaxa0(NFKBIA) inhibits the NF-κB signaling pathway under several physiological processes. However, the contribution of NFKBIA to glioblastomas is poorly understood. In the present study, using gene sequencing, we identified rs1957106 as a novel single nucleotide polymorphismxa0(SNP) in NFKBIA in glioblastoma and found that it was more frequently present in glioblastoma patients. In addition, we examined the association between different genotypes of the rs1957106 SNP of NFKBIA and the gene copy number, mRNA level and protein expression of NFKBIA. The SNP rs1957106 CT and TT genotypes were found to be associated with lower NFKBIA protein levels and a poor prognosis of pateints with glioblastoma. Hence, by identifying rs1957106 as a novel SNP in NFKBIA in glioblastoma patients, we provide a new platform for further investigating the function of NFKBIA in the pathobiology of glioblastoma.