Journal of pharmacological and toxicological methods

Comparison of simultaneous measurement of mouse locomotor activity by radiotelemetry and photobeam methods.

PMID 25219537


Locomotor activity recordings are widely used in different physiological and pharmacological studies. There are two mainly used methods - radiotelemetry and photobeam recording systems. To our knowledge, these methods have not previously been directly and simultaneously compared. The current study consisted of a comparison of locomotor activity data gained simultaneously from radiotelemetry and photobeam recordings, firstly from a robotic device and secondly from an animal experiment performed with mice. Data gained from the animal study showed relatively high variation, but overall agreement between the methods was good. The two methods were cross-validated in the current study. The data gained from both methods were in good general agreement. However, in an animal experiment, e.g. when sedative drugs or other behavior-modifying interventions are used, one should interpret the results with caution as alterations in animal behavior (e.g. in grooming) may possibly not be picked up similarly by the two methods.