Journal of oral pathology & medicine : official publication of the International Association of Oral Pathologists and the American Academy of Oral Pathology

Evaluation of lactate dehydrogenase enzyme activity in saliva and serum of oral submucous fibrosis patients.

PMID 25224513


Of all oral precancerous conditions, Oral Submucous Fibrosis is of greater concern because of its disabling nature and relative greater chances of malignant transformation. This malignant transformation involves glycolytic pathways that can alter lactate dehydrogenase levels. Therefore the aim of this study was to estimate the LDH levels in saliva and serum of subjects with OSMF and to compare them with healthy controls and to correlate the relationship between pathogenesis of OSMF and the LDH enzyme. Sixty Subjects were recruited for this study and divided into two groups, 30 subjects with OSMF (Group A) and 30 healthy controls (Group B). Venous blood and unstimulated whole saliva measuring 1 ml was collected from each of these evaluated for LDH levels using the standard kit method. The data obtained were subjected to statistical analysis using the SPSS software version 17. The average salivary LDH value for Group A was 606.83 ± 60.09 U/l and for Group B was 80.73 ± 20.06 U/l. salivary LDH was greater in group A than Group B and this was statistically significant. On comparing the serum and salivary LDH in Group A with the clinical staging of OSMF, the results were not statistically significant. Similarly no statistically significant relationship was found on comparing the serum and salivary LDH in Group A (OSMF subjects) with duration of habit. This study provides additional rationale for the role of salivary LDH in the early diagnosis and prognosis of oral submucous fibrosis.