Overexpression of secretagogin inhibits cell apoptosis and induces chemoresistance in small cell lung cancer under the regulation of miR-494.

PMID 25226615


Secretagogin (SCGN) has recently been identified to play a crucial role in cell apoptosis, receptor signaling and differentiation. However, its clinical significance and functional roles in SCLC chemoresistance remain unknown. Here we examined the expression of SCGN in clinical samples from SCLC patients and evaluated its relation with clinical prognosis. Then up and down-regulation of SCGN were carried out in SCLC cell lines to assess its influence on chemoresistance. Furthermore, luciferase reporter assay was used to evaluate whether SCGN is a novel direct target of miR-494. Our results revealed that elevated expression of SCGN was correlated with the poorer prognosis of SCLC patients and the more significant correlation with chemosensitivity. We also found that knockdown of SCGN expression in H69AR and H446AR cells increased chemosensitivity via increasing cell apoptosis and cell cycle arrest of G0/G1 phase, while over-expression of SCGN reduced chemosensitivity in sensitive H69 and H446 cells. SCGN as a novel target of miR-494 by luciferase reporter assay, up-regulation of miR-494 can sensitize H69AR cells to chemotherapeutic drugs. These results suggest SCGN is involved in the chemoresistance of SCLC under the regulation of miR-494 and may be a potential biomarker for predicting therapeutic response in treatment SCLC.