International journal of pharmaceutics

A mesoporous silicon/poly-(DL-lactic-co-glycolic) acid microsphere for long time anti-tuberculosis drug delivery.

PMID 25271077


In this study, drug delivery systems for controlling release of hydrophobic anti-tuberculosis (TB) drug-rifampicin (RIF) or hydrophilic anti-TB drug-isoniazid (INH) from mesoporous silica (MS) were fabricated. The drug was first filled into the mesopores of MS particles, and then the drug-laden MS constructs were incorporated into the bulk of poly-(DL-lactic-co-glycolic) acid (PLGA) microspheres. In comparison with mono-component construct (drug-laden MS and drug-laden PLGA), this multi-component system significantly improved the release time of RIF and INH. For drug-laden MS, about 100% INH was released after 15 h, and about 70% RIF was released after 50 h. For drug-laden PLGA, about 100% INH and RIF were released after 30 and 40 days, respectively. After 60 days, the total RIF and INH release from MS/PLGA had only reached around only 48% and 57%, respectively. This MS/PLGA system could significantly prolong RIF or INH release compared to MS and PLGA. CCK-8 assay demonstrated that this MS/PLGA system had no cytotoxicity. And there has not been study of documenting the controlled release of anti-TB drugs such as RIF or INH from MS/PLGA. Considering the long time release of RIF and INH from MS/PLGA, a new door to bone TB would be opened.

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