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Electrochemistry of moexipril: experimental and computational approach and voltammetric determination.

PMID 25272934


The electrochemistry of moexipril (MOE) was studied by electrochemical methods with theoretical calculations performed at B3LYP/6-31 + G (d)//AM1. Cyclic voltammetric studies were carried out based on a reversible and adsorption-controlled reduction peak at -1.35 V on a hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE). Concurrently irreversible diffusion-controlled oxidation peak at 1.15 V on glassy carbon electrode (GCE) was also employed. Potential values are according to Ag/AgCI, (3.0 M KCI) and measurements were performed in Britton-Robinson buffer of pH 5.5. Tentative electrode mechanisms were proposed according to experimental results and ab-initio calculations. Square-wave adsorptive stripping voltammetric methods have been developed and validated for quantification of MOE in pharmaceutical preparations. Linear working range was established as 0.03-1.35 microM for HMDE and 0.2-20.0 microM for GCE. Limit of quantification (LOQ) was calculated to be 0.032 and 0.47 microM for HMDE and GCE, respectively. Methods were successfully applied to assay the drug in tablets by calibration and standard addition methods with good recoveries between 97.1% and 106.2% having relative standard deviation less than 10%.