World journal of microbiology & biotechnology

Antagonistic potential of native strain Streptomyces aurantiogriseus VSMGT1014 against sheath blight of rice disease.

PMID 25304022


A total of 132 actinomycetes was isolated from different rice rhizosphere soils of Tamil Nadu, India, among which 57 showed antagonistic activity towards Rhizoctonia solani, which is sheath blight (ShB) pathogen of rice and other fungal pathogens such as Macrophomina phaseolina, Fusarium oxysporum, Fusarium udum and Alternaria alternata with a variable zone of inhibition. Potential actinomycete strain VSMGT1014 was identified as Streptomyces aurantiogriseus VSMGT1014 based on the morphological, physiological, biochemical and 16S rRNA sequence analysis. The strain VSMGT1014 produced lytic enzymes, secondary metabolites, siderophore, volatile substance and indole acetic acid. Crude metabolites of VSMGT1014 showed activity against R. solani at 5 µg ml(-1); however, the prominent inhibition zone was observed from 40 to 100 µg ml(-1). Reduced lesion heights observed in culture, cells-free filtrate, crude metabolites and carbendazim on challenge with pathogen in the detached leaf assay. The high content screening test clearly indicated denucleation of R. solani at 5 µg ml(-1) treatment of crude metabolite and carbendazim respectively. The results conclude that strain VSMGT1014 was found to be a potential candidate for the control of ShB of rice as a bio fungicide.