Vasectomy reversal outcomes in men previously on testosterone supplementation therapy.

PMID 25307733


To report considerations for preoperative management and outcomes of vasectomy reversal (VR) in men with a history of testosterone supplementation therapy (TST). A retrospective review of men on TST before VR from 2010 to 2013 was performed. For inclusion, patients were required to have baseline and follow-up hormone levels as well as postoperative semen analyses. Preoperative use of medical testicular salvage therapy and testicular sperm aspiration (TESA), intraoperative findings, and pregnancies were also analyzed. Six of 265 men who underwent VR had prior TST and met inclusion criteria. Median age was 39 years with a median obstructive interval of 7.5 years. Median duration of TST was 9 months before discontinuation and transition to testicular salvage therapy with clomiphene citrate with or without human chorionic gonadotropin for a median of 2.8 months. At baseline, decreased luteinizing hormone (median, 2 mIU/mL), follicle stimulating hormone (median, 5 mIU/mL), and total testosterone (median, 249 ng/dL) were observed. Two men (33%) with uncertain recovery of spermatogenesis based on physical examination and hormone response underwent preoperative testicular sperm aspiration confirming the presence of sperm. Nine vasovasostomies and 3 epididymovasostomies were performed. Patency was 83% after a median follow-up of 6.4 months and was 100% in men undergoing at least 1 vasovasostomy. Spontaneous pregnancy was achieved by 50% during the follow-up period. Testicular salvage medical therapy may play a role in the preoperative management of VR in men with prior TST. VR after TST can have outcomes comparable to those in the general population.