Prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and essential fatty acids

F2-isoprostanes are correlated with trans fatty acids in the plasma of pregnant women.

PMID 25312493


We hypothesized that the mild physiological oxidative stress present during pregnancy could increase both, plasma F2-isoprostanes (F2-isoPs) by lipid oxidation and trans fatty acids (TFA) through cis-trans isomerization respectively. Plasma samples collected at 12-18 weeks (MIROS cohort; n=65) and 38-41 weeks of pregnancy (CHUL cohort; n=21) were subjected to alkaline hydrolysis followed by liquid-liquid extraction in order to extract total F2-isoPs for quantification by HPLC-MS/MS. Several positive correlations were found between F2-isoPs and TFA, measured by GC-FID in plasma phospholipids, such as 6t-18:1, 9t-18:1 and 9t,12c-18:2 (r>0.306; p<0.045). Despite its low level, the 9t,12c-18:2 trans isomer, known to be associated to cardiovascular diseases, showed the most significant correlations with F2-isoPs. No correlation was observed between F2-isoPs and 9t-16:1 or 11t-18:1. In summary, this study suggests either a concomitant phenomenon or a competition between lipid peroxidation and cis-trans isomerisation of the cis precursor fatty acid in vivo during pregnancy.