Journal of biomolecular screening

Automation of a phospho-STAT5 staining procedure for flow cytometry for application in drug discovery.

PMID 25325258


Drug discovery often requires the screening of compound libraries on tissue cultured cells. Some major targets in drug discovery belong to signal transduction pathways, and PerFix EXPOSE* allows easy flow cytometry phospho assays. We thus investigated the possibility to further simplify and automate this assay, to allow the direct screening of drugs targeting signaling pathways. We show here the sensitivity of this fully automated assay on human growth hormone (hGH)-driven JAK/STAT5-activated IM-9 cells, and we discuss the throughput of this system, which is compatible with medium-throughput drug screening. Because the kit works directly on whole blood samples, ex-vivo assays are also possible with this approach, which could allow for the screening of drugs under more physiological conditions.