ACS nano

Interface-controlled synthesis of heterodimeric silver-carbon nanoparticles derived from polysaccharides.

PMID 25325784


Hybrid nanoparticles composed of multiple components can offer unique opportunities for understanding the nanoscale mechanism and advanced material applications. Here, we report the synthesis of heterodimeric silver-carbon dot nanoparticles (Ag-CD NPs) where the Ag NP is grown on the surface of CDs derived from polysaccharides, such as chitosan and alginate, through the photoelectron transfer reaction between CD and Ag(+) ions. The nanoscale interface between the Ag NPs and the CDs is highly tunable depending on the precursor of the CDs and the amount of additives, resulting in fine modification of photoluminescence of the CDs as well as the related surface plasmon resonance of the Ag NPs. This result demonstrates the critical role of the interface between the hybrid nanoparticles in governing the electrical and optical properties of respective nanoparticles.