Cardiovascular diabetology

Normal weight diabetic patients versus obese diabetics: relation of overall and abdominal adiposity to vascular health.

PMID 25331525


The present study investigated the impact of overall obesity defined by BMI and abdominal obesity defined by WC on vascular atherosclerotic changes in obese and normal weight diabetic subjects. 285 subjects were divided according to presence diabetes mellitus (DM) and obesity: Group 1 included 144 nonobese subjects without DM; Group 2 consisted of 141 type 2 diabetic patients. Then diabetic patients were divided into two groups according to presence of overall obesity, defined by BMI and furthermore, abdominal obesity, defined by waist circumference (WC). Pulse wave velocity (PWV) and augmentation index (AI) were performed using SphygmoCor (version 7.1, AtCor Medical, Sydney, Australia). Between Group Comparisons by BMI: Diabetic subjects with and without overall obesity did not differ from one another in terms of AI and PWV. Abdominal obesity defined by WC was associated with significantly higher AI and PWV in in both diabetic men and women; whereas overall obesity defined by BMI did not predict adverse vascular changes in this study population. Abdominal obesity was associated with an adverse effect on blood vessels, independently of age, sex, blood pressure, fasting glucose and BMI.