International journal of oncology

SOX2 promotes tumorigenicity and inhibits the differentiation of I-type neuroblastoma cells.

PMID 25333857


SOX2 is a transcription factor associated with the pluripotency, proliferative potential, and self-renewing properties observed with embryonic stem cells and germ cells. SOX2 expression has been reported in several cancers and is implicated in tumorigenesis. We previously found that SOX2 expression was correlated to the clinical stage of neuroblastoma. Recently, we found that SOX2 overexpression occurs in I-type neuroblastoma cells (BE(2)-C cells). To elucidate the tumorigenic function of SOX2, we established a SOX2 overexpressed BE(2)-C cell line. SOX2 overexpressed cells showed higher tumorigenicity than control cells and exhibited decreased expression levels of marker proteins of N- or S-type cells after agent-induced differetiation. By contrast, in cells where SOX2 mRNA expression was knocked down by gene-specific siRNA, tumorigenicty was significantly decreased and the expression levels of marker proteins of N- or S-type cells were upregulated. In conclusion, our findings indicate an important function for SOX2 in promoting tumorigenicity of I-type neuroblastoma cells and in inhibiting their differentiation, suggesting that SOX2 might be a potential therapeutic target in neuroblastoma.

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