Journal of drug targeting

Microencapsulation of therapeutic bispecific antibodies producing cells: immunotherapeutic organoids for cancer management.

PMID 25338126


Regardless of the important therapeutic advances developed over the last years for the management of cancer, the fact is that many patients still suffer from a tremendous reduction on their quality of life due to lack of complete selectivity of conventionally administered chemotherapeutic drugs. In the search of more efficacious tumor-targeted therapies, the use of bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) capable of simultaneous binding to tumor-associated antigens and to an activating receptor, such as CD3, has emerged as a promising approach. With the intention to complementing and improving this cancer immunotherapy, human HEK-293 cells have been genetically modified ex vivo to secrete a recombinant anti-CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) × anti-CD3 bsAb. After encapsulation in alginate-poly-l-lysine microcapsules, bsAb-secreting HEK-293 cells were monitorized for several weeks. This system has proved to be feasible for the maintenance of cell growth and recombinant antibody production giving proof-of-concept of its use as immunotherapeutic organoids in cancer treatment.