Virchows Archiv : an international journal of pathology

NRAS-mutated melanocytic BAP1-associated intradermal tumor (MBAIT): a case report.

PMID 25342144


Melanocytic BAP1-associated intradermal tumors (MBAITs) are epithelioid spitzoid looking, mostly intradermally located melanocytic tumors that often have tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and a common nevus component. They occur sporadically but also in the context of an underlying BAP1 germline mutation. Recognition of these lesions is important because they can be a marker for an underlying BAP1-associated cancer syndrome. Most cases reported in the literature thus far were found to have both a BRAF and BAP1 mutation. Here, we report an unusual case of an MBAIT lesion with a combined NRAS and BAP1 mutation. A BAP1 germline mutation was excluded. Our case is the second case reported until now with this combination of mutations in this subset of lesions. In the other reported NRAS-/BAP1-mutated MBAIT case, presence of a BAP1 germline mutation was not tested. Our case confirms that the mutational spectrum in MBAITs is broader than previously thought. Just as in the BRAF-mutated cases, it is likely that a subset might be associated with a BAP1 germline mutation. In case of suspicion of an MBAIT lesion based on histological examination, diagnostic work-up should include assessment of protein expression and/or mutation analysis of at least BRAF, NRAS, and BAP1. Work-up should not be limited to analyzing only BRAF protein expression or mutation, since NRAS-mutated MBAITs might be missed.