Folia biologica

Monoclonal antibodies against human leucocyte antigens. III. Antibodies against CD45R, CD6, CD44 and two newly described broadly expressed glycoproteins MEM-53 and MEM-102.

PMID 2534480


Monoclonal antibodies against several human leucocyte cell surface antigens were prepared and characterized: (1) MEM-56, MEM-93, MEM-66, and MEM-104 against the CD45R antigen (220 kDa and 205 kDa mol. wt. forms of the leucocyte common antigen CD45 expressed on B-lymphocytes, myeloid cells and a subpopulation of T-lymphocytes); (2) MEM-98 and MEM-100 against the T-lymphocyte antigen CD6 (mol. wt. 100 kDa); (3) MEM-85 against the broadly expressed antigen CD44 (mol. wt. 85 kDa) which was recently shown by us to be identical with the lymphocyte homing receptor; (4) MEM-53 against a newly described broadly expressed antigen of 35-40 kDa mol. wt. and (5) MEM-102 against another newly described glycoprotein of 40 kDa mol. wt. anchored in membrane through a phosphatidylinositol moiety.