Nucleic acids research

SnoVectors for nuclear expression of RNA.

PMID 25378317


Many long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) are constrained to the nucleus to exert their functions. However, commonly used vectors that were designed to express mRNAs have not been optimized for the study of nuclear RNAs. We reported recently that sno-lncRNAs are not capped or polyadenylated but rather are terminated on each end by snoRNAs and their associated proteins. These RNAs are processed from introns and are strictly confined to the nucleus. Here we have used these features to design expression vectors that can stably express virtually any sequence of interest and constrain its accumulation to the nucleus. Further, these RNAs appear to retain normal nuclear associations and function. SnoVectors should be useful in conditions where nuclear RNA function is studied or where export to the cytoplasm needs to be avoided.

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