Japanese journal of radiology

Effectiveness of CT assists for intraarterial chemotherapy: therapeutic outcome of chemoradiation for advanced head and neck cancer extending across the anatomical midline.

PMID 25380786


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of CT assist for intraarterial chemotherapy in relation to the therapeutic outcomes of intraarterial chemoradiation for advanced head and neck cancer with extension across the anatomical midline (EAM). This retrospective study evaluated 64 consecutive patients. In total, 26 and 38 patients had cancer with or without EAM, respectively. These patients underwent an intraarterial cisplatin infusion (200 mg/m(2), days 1 and 35) and intravenous 5-FU infusion (800 mg/m(2), days 1-5 and 36-39) concomitantly with radiotherapy. Angiography-assisted CT was performed to confirm complete coverage during the intraarterial chemotherapy. The accuracy of diagnosing tumor vessels by digital subtraction angiography (DSA) was evaluated using receiver-operating characteristic analysis by two radiologists. The overall survival and locoregional control rates were calculated by the Kaplan-Meier method. DSA was not useful for diagnosing tumor vessels. The 2-year overall survival rates for the patients with cancer with or without EAM were 83 and 90 %, while the 2-year locoregional control rates were 95 and 82 %, respectively. Locoregional control or the overall survival rates showed no significant differences. Intraarterial chemotherapy using angiography-assisted CT during chemoradiation therapy can achieve comparable therapeutic outcomes for cancer with and without EAM.