Transplantation proceedings

Biolasol: novel perfusion and preservation solution for kidneys.

PMID 25380859


Biolasol solution (Pharmaceutical Research and Production Plant "Biochefa," Sosnowiec, Poland) is a novel extracellular perfusion and ex vivo hypothermic kidney preservation solution. It ensures maintenance of homeostasis, reduces tissue edema, has low viscosity, and allows the graft to preserve structural and functional integrity. It minimizes ischemia-reperfusion damage. Perfundates from control and transplanted kidneys flushed with Biolasol or ViaSpan solutions (Arkas, Warszawa, Poland) were analyzed. Parameters of serum and urine collected from 12 pigs after auto-transplantation were also analyzed. Renal medulla was investigated for structural alterations by analyzing hematoxylin and eosin-stained slides. The mean survival time of pigs after the auto-transplantation procedure was the measure for the novel Biolasol solution effectiveness. We observed a statistically significant decrease in marker enzyme levels alanine transaminase, aspartate transaminase, lactic dehydrogenase, and ions (Na and K) in pigs with grafts flushed with Biolasol. Histopathologic examination revealed that the renal cortex structure was not damaged after the use of Biolasol solution. Biolasol solution protects kidneys against ischemia damage and does not differ significantly from the "golden standard" ViaSpan solution.