Hypertension research : official journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension

Higher circulatory level of endothelin-1 in hypertensive subjects screened through a cross-sectional study of rural Bangladeshi women.

PMID 25391457


Endothelin-1 (ET-1) is a potential marker of the endothelial dysfunction, which has been shown to be elevated in hypertensive subjects. No previous study has investigated the circulatory level of ET-1 and hypertension in a South Asian country. The present study assessed the circulating levels of ET-1 in subjects with or without hypertension and further examined the association of ET-1 with clinical and metabolic parameters. A total of 2543 rural Bangladeshi women with a mean age of 44.5 years were studied using a cross-sectional survey. Multiple regressions were used to examine the association between the circulatory ET-1 levels and hypertension. The prevalence of hypertension was 29.3%. The ET-1 levels were significantly higher in the hypertensive (mean 3.08 pg ml(-1), s.e. (0.19)) than in the non-hypertensive subjects (mean 2.01 pg ml(-1), s.e. (0.03)) (P = 0.001). After adjusting for age, the ET-1 level had significant positive associations with the diastolic blood pressure (P = 0.002), systolic blood pressure (P = 0.001), mean arterial pressure (P = 0.002) and fasting blood glucose (P = 0.002). In a tertile analysis, we found that hypertension in the subjects was significantly increased as the levels of ET-1 increased (P for the trend = 0.001). In a stepwise multiple regression analysis, after adjusting for age and all other potential variables, we found that the mean arterial pressure and the fasting plasma levels have significant associations with the ET-1 level. The present study demonstrates that there is a higher concentration of ET-1 among the hypertensive subjects in an apparently healthy population of Bangladeshi rural women. The relationship between ET-1 and hypertension requires further investigation to define the clinical utility and predictive value of serum ET-1 levels for hypertension for a South Asian population.