Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Frequency and characteristics of intraocular inflammation after aflibercept injection.

PMID 25394166


To report the frequency and characteristics of intraocular inflammation after intravitreal aflibercept injection. A single-center retrospective study was performed in patients who received intravitreal aflibercept from November 2011 through June 2013. There were 28 cases of intraocular inflammation after a total of 5,905 aflibercept injections among 1,660 patients. The mean baseline acuity was 20/57, which decreased to 20/179 at diagnosis (P < 0.0001) but recovered to 20/59 at Month 1, 20/57 at Month 3, and 20/52 at Month 6 (P = not significant). Vitreous culture and injection of antibiotics were performed in eight cases, and all were culture negative; the remainder received only topical corticosteroids. The frequency of inflammation after aflibercept was 0.47% per injection. Visual acuity and inflammation returned to baseline within 1 month in most cases with topical corticosteroid treatment.