Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)

Evaluation of polymeric nanoparticle formulations by effective imaging and quantitation of cellular uptake for controlled delivery of doxorubicin.

PMID 25400129


Various polymeric nanoparticles have been extensively engineered for applications in controlled drug release delivery in the last decades. Currently, there is a great demand to develop a strategy to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate these polymeric nanoparticle formulations for producing innovative delivery systems. In this work, a screening platform is developed using luminescent quantum dots as drug model and imaging label to evaluate nanoparticle formulations incorporating either hydrophilic or hydrophobic drugs and imaging agents. It is validated that there is no influence of the incorporated entities on the cellular uptake profile. The use of quantum dots enables efficient detection and precise quantitation of cellular uptake of particles which occupy 25% of the cell volume. The correlation of quantum dot- and doxorubicin-incorporated nanoparticles is useful to develop an evaluation platform for nanoparticle formulations through imaging and quantitation. This platform is also used to observe the surface properties effect of other polymers such as chitosan and poly(ethylene) glycol on the cellular interaction and uptake. Moreover, quantum dots can be used to study microparticle theranostic delivery formulations by deliberately incorporating as visible ring surrounding the microparticles for their easy identifying and tracing in diagnostic and chemotherapeutic applications.