Journal of fish biology

Effects of temperature and fish oil supplementation on ovarian development and foxl2 mRNA expression in spotted scat Scatophagus argus.

PMID 25425050


In this study, the complete foxl2 complementary (c)DNA sequence was isolated by simple modular-architecture research tool (SMART)er rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE). Two year-old female spotted scat, Scatophagus argus, were reared at different temperatures (23, 26 and 29° C) for 6 weeks, or fed with different concentrations of dietary fish oil (0, 2 or 6%) for 8 weeks. Ovarian development, serum oestradiol-17β (E2 ) levels, as well as ovarian foxl2 expression were measured. At the end of experiment, ovarian foxl2 messenger (m)RNA expression in fish reared at 23 and 26° C was significantly higher than that in fish reared at 29° C, and that in 2 and 6% fish oil groups was also significantly higher than that in control group (P < 0·05). Serum E2 levels exhibited the same trend with foxl2 mRNA expression in temperature treatment groups and fish oil fed groups. There was a significant positive correlation between stage of oocytes and foxl2 expressions. Results showed that from 23 to 29° C, the optimal temperature for ovarian development in S. argus was 23-26° C, and 6% fish oil supplementation could effectively promote ovarian development. Optimal temperature and fish oil supplement might increase ovarian foxl2 mRNA expressions to promote ovarian development in S. argus.