Environmental monitoring and assessment

A sensitive emulsification liquid phase microextraction coupled with on-line phase separation followed by HPLC for trace determination of sulfonamides in water samples.

PMID 25427828


For the first time, ion-pair based emulsification liquid phase microextraction coupled with a novel approach for phase separation followed by high performace liquid chromatgraphy (HPLC) was utilized for trace determination of sulfonamides in water samples. After the formation of ion-pair complex with a cationic surfactant, sulfonamides were extracted into the drops of dispersed organic extracting solvent. Then, the cloudy solution was passed through an in-line filter located in a suitable holder and was separated based on emulsion filtration. By changing the HPLC valve position, the filter was laid in the mobile phase path, and the extraction phase was eluted by the mobile phase and introduced into the separation column for analysis. The effects of important parameters, such as type of extraction solvent, type of ion-pair agent and its concentration, pH of sample solution, ionic strength, and volume of extraction phase, on the extraction efficiency, were investigated and optimized. Under optimal conditions, the linear range, limits of detection, and precision (relative standard deviations) were 0.3-100, 0.1-0.3 μg L(-1), and 4.7-5.8%, respectively. Preconcentration factors (PFs) for the compounds studied were obtained in the range of 268-664. These PFs correspond to extraction recoveries in the range of 41-97%. The sample throughput of the method was 3 samples per hour, regarding 20 min analysis time for a single procedure. Finally, the method was successfully applied to determine the selected sulfonamides in some water samples.