Environmental toxicology and pharmacology

Exposure to a low dose of bisphenol A impairs pituitary-ovarian axis in prepubertal rats: effects on early folliculogenesis.

PMID 25434757


The research work studies the effect of providing a low dose of bisphenol A (BPA), on the reproductive axis of prepubertal female rats. Wistar mated rats were treated with either 0.1% ethanol or BPA in their drinking water until their offspring were weaned on the 21 day of birth. The estimated average dose of exposure to dams was approximately 3μg/kg/day. The pups were sacrificed at the 30th day of life. Body weight at the moment of the sacrifice was significantly higher in the group exposed to BPA; ovarian weight and its relative weight were not modified. LH and estradiol levels increased significantly, meanwhile FSH ones showed no significant changes. The number of primary, secondary and atretic follicles increased and antral ones was decreased. Our results demonstrated that early exposure to a low dose of BPA disrupts the normal function of the reproductive axis in prepubertal female rats.