Bioresource technology

Enzymatic and acid hydrolysis of Tetraselmis suecica for polysaccharide characterization.

PMID 25444885


Carbohydrate composition of the marine microalgae, Tetraselmis suecica was characterized following acidic and enzymatic hydrolysis. Monitoring intracellular starch as a function of cultivation time at varying nitrate concentrations showed a maximum cellular starch content of 45% of dry biomass when grown under nitrate depleted conditions. Characterization of the cell wall methanolysates using GC/MS showed that the monosaccharide composition did not change in response to the nitrate concentration and consisted of 54% 3-deoxy-D-manno-oct-2-ulosonic acid (Kdo), 17% 3-deoxy-lyxo-2-heptulosaric acid (Dha), 21% galacturonic acid and 6% galactose. Presence of up to 5% Kdo in the dry weight of T. suecica established in this study demonstrates the potential of the cell wall of this species as a feedstock for Kdo, a sugar that is difficult to obtain by chemical synthesis and that has applications in medicinal chemistry.