Human immunology

Significance of association of HLA-C and HLA-E with psoriatic arthritis.

PMID 25454626


Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a complex genetic disorder that results from an interplay between multiple genetic and environmental factors. The aim of the study was to assess the significance of the association between the HLA-C and HLA-E allelic groups and PsA. Our results confirm the association between HLA-C(∗)06 and PsA (OR=5.16, p<0.0001). Furthermore, HLA-C(∗)06-positive patients develop more severe disease (p<0.01) and more frequently present with polyarticular pattern of PsA (p=0.08). Additionally our study revealed that the HLA-C(∗)02 allele was more frequently observed in PsA patients (OR=5.40, p<0.0005) and also that the HLA-E(∗)01:01 allele was significantly over-represented among HLA-C(∗)02-negative patients in comparison to healthy individuals (OR=6.44, p=0.045). Therefore these results suggest that the HLA-E and HLA-C(∗)02 molecules may also play an important role in determination immune response contributing to the PsA development.