Acta biologica Hungarica

Effect of sodium conductance variations on electrical behavior of a neocortical neuron model.

PMID 25475977


Neocortical pyramidal neurons are capable of intrinsic regenerative firing. A mathematical model introduced by Delord et al. [2] of these neurons based on the Hodgkin-Huxley formalism, varied the values of two parameters of the model, i.e. the maximal persistent sodium conductance (gNaP) and the leakage one (gl), and revealed the (gNaP, gl) parameter space supporting regenerative firing. The present study focused on another parameter of this model, i.e. the maximal fast sodium conductance (gNa), to investigate the (gNaP, gNa) parameter space involved in regenerative firing. When gNa was completely blocked, regenerative firing was suppressed. In addition, the gNa threshold necessary to induce regenerative firing was almost independent of the gNaP level. Finally, our results were compared with those of other types of neurons.