Molecular biology reports

Cloning, characterization and expression of myostatin (growth differentiating factor-8) gene in broiler and layer chicken (Gallus gallus).

PMID 25479731


A study was conducted to characterize myostatin gene in broiler and layer chicken and to explore mRNA expression profile in these two varieties of chicken. The myostatin cDNAs of broiler and layer varieties were cloned and sequenced. The total length of the cDNA was 1128 bp. The differences of nucleotides between PB-1 broiler and IWI layer were C > 65 > T, C > 306 > T and C > 1094 > T while those between CB broiler and IWI layer were C > 65 > T, C > 195 > G, G > 234 > A, C > 306 > T, T > 939 > C, C > 961 > T, G > 966T and C > 1094 > T. The amino acid differences of myostatin protein between PB-1 and IWI strains were alanine > 22 > valine and proline > 365 > leucine while those between CB and IWI strains were alanine > 22 > valine, histidine > 321 > tyrosine and proline > 365 > leucine. The phylogenetic study revealed closeness of PB-1 and control broiler forming a cluster, which was also closely related to IWI layer chicken formed a separate cluster. The gene was cloned and expressed in E. coli. The gene expression profile in muscle was different between broiler and layer strains. Between two broiler strains, the pattern of expression was similar. Between IWI layer and either PB-1 or CB broilers, differences in expression was found at different time points, particularly at second, fourth and seventh weeks of age. The myostatin expression was significantly associated with body weights in chicken. It is concluded that myostatin gene sequences varied at nucleotide as well as amino acid level between broiler and layer chicken varieties and the gene also expressed differentially in these two varieties.