Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers

CYP2B6 gene single-nucleotide polymorphisms in an Italian population sample and relationship with nicotine dependence.

PMID 25489907


The extensively polymorphic CYP2B6 gene metabolizes endogenous and exogenous compounds, among which are nicotine and bupropion, although its contribution to the systemic metabolism of nicotine still remains controversial. In the present study, the distribution of the CYP2B6 variant and genotype frequencies were analyzed in a sample of 202 Italian individuals who were also invited to answer the Fagerström test for nicotine dependence (FTND), in an effort to assess the involvement of CYP2B6 polymorphisms in nicotine dependence. Eight single-nucleotide polymorphisms of CYP2B6 were tested and seven different variants were identified showing frequencies similar to the European population. The reduced activity of the CYP2B6*6 variant was significantly (p=0.025) distributed among the nicotine-dependent individuals compared to non-nicotine dependents. Also, the CYP2B6*1/*6 genotype achieved statistical significance (p=0.016) within the nicotine-dependent individuals. The high occurrence of CYP2B6*6 carriers among nicotine-dependent individuals may suggest a possible involvement in nicotine dependence, with a potential impact on smoking cessation treatments tailored to the individual smoker's genotype.