Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)

Growth of hydrophilic CuS nanowires via DNA-mediated self-assembly process and their use in fabricating smart hybrid films for adjustable chemical release.

PMID 25504567


Facile growth of CuS nanowires through self-assembly and their application as building blocks for near-infrared light-responsive functional films have been demonstrated. It is found that DNA is a key factor in preparing the CuS material with defined nanostructure. An exclusive oriented self-aggregate growth mechanism is proposed for the growth of the nanowires, which might have important implications for preparing advanced, sophisticated nanostructures based on DNA nanotechnology. By employing the hydrophilic CuS nanowire as an optical absorber and thermosensitive nanogel as guest reservoir inside alginate film, a new platform for the release of functional molecules has been set up. In vitro studies have shown that the hybrid film possesses excellent biocompatibility and the release rate of chemical molecules from the film could be controlled with high spatial and temporal precision. Our novel approach and the resulting outstanding combination of properties may advance both the fields of DNA nanotechnology and light-responsive devices.