Zhonghua zheng xing wai ke za zhi = Zhonghua zhengxing waike zazhi = Chinese journal of plastic surgery

[Treatment of skin and soft tissue defect in the hallex with flaps ].

PMID 25522482


To summarize the therapeutic effect of 5 kinds of flaps for the treatment of skin and soft tissue defect in the hallex. From Jan. 2008 to Jun. 2013, 24 cases with skin and soft tissue defects in the hallex were treated with 5 kinds of reversed flaps, including medial foot dorsal neurocutaneous flaps, medial foot neurocutaneous flaps, lateral tarsal flaps, anterior malleous flaps, medial cross leg and saphenous nerve flaps. The defects size ranged from 3 cm x 2 cm to 5 cm x 3 cm, with the flap size from 3. 5 cm x 2. 5 cm to 5. 5 cm x 4. 0 cm. Partial superficial necroisis happened at the distal end of one foot dorsal medial neurocutaneous flap. One third flap necrosis occurred in 1 foot medial neurocutaneous flap due to too tight suture at flap pedicle and resulted thrombosis. All the other 23 flaps survived completely. 15 cases were followed up for 3-36 months with normal walking function and satisfactory appearance. Among the 8 cases with nerve anastomosis, 4 cases were followed up with 2-point discrimination distance of 8-11 mm. the flaps without nerve anastomosis also had protective sense due to nerve ingrowth. Skin and soft tissue defects in the hallex can be treated with different appropriate flaps. The hallex length can be reserved with satisfactory function and appearance.

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