Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis

Structural characterization of alkaline and oxidative stressed degradation products of lurasidone using LC/ESI/QTOF/MS/MS.

PMID 25527975


A selective, accurate, precise and robust stability indicating liquid chromatography assay method was developed for the monitoring of a novel antipsychotic drug, lurasidone, in the presence of its degradation products (DPs). Also, we investigated degradation behavior of the drug under various stressed conditions such as hydrolytic (acidic, basic and neutral), oxidation, photolytic and thermal. The drug was found to be degraded under base hydrolytic and oxidative conditions, while it was stable in acid and neutral hydrolytic, photolytic and thermal conditions. The method showed adequate separation of lurasidone and its DPs on Xterra C18 (150 mm × 4.6 mm i.d., 3.5 μm) column using 20 mM ammonium formate (pH 3.0): acetonitrile as a mobile phase in gradient elution mode at a flow rate of 0.6 mL/min. This method was extended to liquid chromatography electrospray ionization quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (LC/ESI/QTOF/MS/MS) for structural characterization of DPs. A total of five DPs were characterized by LC/ESI/QTOF/MS/MS studies. Most probable mechanisms for the formation of DPs were proposed. The developed method was validated in terms of specificity, linearity, accuracy, precision, and robustness as per International Conference on Harmonization Guideline Q2 (R1).