Asian Pacific journal of allergy and immunology

IL-33 promotes mouse keratinocyte-derived chemokine, an IL-8 homologue, expression in airway smooth muscle cells in ovalbumin-sensitized mice.

PMID 25543045


Although it is recognized that IL-33 plays a key role in the onset of asthma, it is currently unclear whether IL-33 acts on any other target cells besides mast cells and Th2 cells in asthma. We investigated that whether airway smooth muscle cells (ASMCs) could contribute to asthma via stimulation with IL-33. To create a mouse model of acute asthma, murine ASMCs were isolated and cultured in vitro with IL-33. The ASMCs were divided into two groups, ASMCs from normal mice and ASMCs from ovalbumin-sensitized mice. The release of mouse KC was analyzed by PCR and ELISA. Immunocytochemical Staining of murine ASMCs for ST2 and IL-1RAcP was performed. IL-33 promoted KC expression, both in terms of mRNA and protien levels, in ASMCs from ovalbumin-sensitized mice. ST2 and IL-1RAcP were expressed in the membrane of ASMCs in ovalbumin-sensitized mice. IL-33 may contribute to the inflammation in the airways by acting on airway smooth muscle cells. IL-33 and ST2 may play important roles in allergic bronchial asthma.