Biochemical and biophysical research communications

High-frequency sarcomeric auto-oscillations induced by heating in living neonatal cardiomyocytes of the rat.

PMID 25545063


In the present study, we investigated the effects of infra-red laser irradiation on sarcomere dynamics in living neonatal cardiomyocytes of the rat. A rapid increase in temperature to >~38 °C induced [Ca(2+)]i-independent high-frequency (~5-10 Hz) sarcomeric auto-oscillations (Hyperthermal Sarcomeric Oscillations; HSOs). In myocytes with the intact sarcoplasmic reticular functions, HSOs coexisted with [Ca(2+)]i-dependent spontaneous beating in the same sarcomeres, with markedly varying frequencies (~10 and ~1 Hz for the former and latter, respectively). HSOs likewise occurred following blockade of the sarcoplasmic reticular functions, with the amplitude becoming larger and the frequency lower in a time-dependent manner. The present findings suggest that in the mammalian heart, sarcomeres spontaneously oscillate at higher frequencies than the sinus rhythm at temperatures slightly above the physiologically relevant levels.