Association analysis between variants in KITLG gene and litter size in goats.

PMID 25550049


Xinong Saanen (SN) and Guanzhong (GZ) goat breeds were used to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the coding regions with their intron-exon boundaries and the proximal flanking regions of KITLG gene by DNA sequencing and genotyped by PCR-restriction fragment (PCR-RFLP). Four novel SNPs (g.12654G>A, g.12772G>A, g.12829T>C and g.23683C>T) were identified (GenBank accession No. KM609289). It was shown that Xinong Saanen and Guanzhong goat breeds were in Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium at g.12654G>A, g.12772G>A and g.12829T>C loci (P<0.05). The g.12654G>A, g.12772G>A and g.12829T>C loci were closely linked in both goat breeds (r(2)>0.33). Results of an association analysis indicated that SNPs g.12654G>A, g.12772G>A and g.12829T>C had significant effects on litter size (P<0.05). The combined genotypes of four SNP loci also affected litter size with the C7(GG/GG/CC/CC) genotype in the SN goat breed and C1(AA/GG/CC/CC) and C7(GG/GG/CC/CC) genotypes in the GZ goat breed having the highest litter size. The biochemical and physiological functions, together with the results obtained in our investigation, suggest that C7(GG/GG/CC/CC) could be used in marker-assisted selection to select the individuals with higher litter size in both goat breeds. The results extend the spectrum of genetic variation of the caprine KITLG gene, which might contribute to goat genetic resources and breeding.