The Analyst

In vivo and continuous measurement of bisulfide in the hippocampus of rat's brain by an on-line integrated microdialysis/droplet-based microfluidic system.

PMID 25563171


An on-line and continuous approach was demonstrated for in vivo measurement of bisulfide in rat's brain. A modified droplet-based microfluidic system was constructed, which allowed on-line qualification of the fluorescence responses of the gold nanoparticle-glutathione-fluorescein isothiocyanate probe to the variation of bisulfide in the presence of the cerebral microdialysate background. The on-line method achieved a dynamic working range from 5.0 μM to 40 μM and a detection limit of 2.5 μM. The in vivo bisulfide concentration in the hippocampus of rat's brain was measured under different physiological conditions. The on-line method may facilitate the study of H2S biology by providing a previously unattainable continuous record of H2S variation in living animals. It also provides a practical platform for in vivo and continuous monitoring of other important species in cerebral systems.