Rheumatology international

Absence of salivary CCL28 in primary Sjögren's syndrome.

PMID 25567740


CCL28 is a mucosa-associated epithelial-cell-produced chemokine involved in oral defense. We assessed the level of CCL28 in saliva of primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS) patients in comparison with healthy controls and correlated it with IgA salivary levels. We included 30 non-smoker pSS patients and 30 non-smoker healthy controls paired by age (±5xa0years). Saliva samples were collected during the morning and kept frozen at -86xa0°C until the analysis. Fifty microliters of saliva was diluted 3:1 with water and analyzed for CCL28 salivary levels by ELISA method. The samples were tested in triplicate. IgA salivary levels were tested by ELISA method. We used descriptive statistics, Mann-Whitney U test and Kendall's tau correlation coefficients. pSS patients were mostly females (93.3xa0%), mean age 54.5xa0±xa013.3xa0years and median disease duration of 7.6xa0years (0.5-33). Patients with pSS had lower levels of salivary CCL28 when compared with controls [0 (0-1,272xa0pg/ml) vs. 94.4 (0-5,810) pg/ml, pxa0