Structure of the human lck gene: differences in genomic organisation within src-related genes affect only N-terminal exons.

PMID 2558056


Although cDNA sequences coding for several Rous sarcoma virus Src-related protein tyrosine kinases (PTKs) have been reported for several years, knowledge of the structure and organisation of genes of the src family is still limited. In this work, a detailed structure and organisation of the human lck gene is reported. A 17-kb genomic clone encoding human p56 Lck, a lymphocyte-specific PTK of the Src-related subfamily, has been isolated. The human lck gene is organized in 13 exons, one more than in the human cellular (c)-src gene. The twelve coding exons are located in this clone, whereas the putative 5'-noncoding exon is probably located very far upstream from the second exon. Splicing sites for exons 4 to 12, which encode both conserved phospholipase-C-like and catalytic domains of the Src-like PTKs, arise exactly at the same position for the human lck, human c-src and c-fgr genes. The only differences concern the splice sites of exons 1' and 2, which encode the unique N-terminal domain of human Lck. These results give further evidence that the different PTKs of the Src-like family have probably evolved through the mechanism of exon shuffling.