Annals of surgical oncology

Early (<10xa0mm) HER2-Positive Invasive Breast Carcinomas are Associated with Extensive Diffuse High-Grade DCIS: Implications for Preoperative Mapping, Extent of Surgical Intervention, and Disease-Free Survival.

PMID 25582746


The few publications on <10-mm invasive breast carcinomas have reported worse outcomes for women with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive cancer compared with HER2-negative cases and indicated that the high risk of recurrence in HER2-positive cases is related to the high grade, hormone receptor negativity, and high proliferation index of the invasive tumor component. We studied the subgross morphology of such tumors in a consecutive series of 203 cases documented in large-format histology slides and worked up with detailed radiological-pathological correlation. The invasive component was associated with a diffuse in situ component in 78xa0% of the HER2-positive and 26xa0% of HER2-negative tumors <10xa0mm in size (odds ratio [OR], 11.3936; Pxa0xa0.0001), invasive tumor grade 3 (Pxa0=xa0.0004), presence of vascular invasion (Pxa0=xa0.0026), extensive disease (Pxa0=xa0.0170), "not special" (ductal) histological tumor type (Pxa0=xa0.0302), estrogen receptor negativity (OR, 7.8846; Pxa0