Journal of neuroscience research

Motor activity in young APPswe  + PS1/A246E bigenic mice as a predicting variable for memory decline.

PMID 25594937


Reports of individuality in rodent species have been a subject of debate in pharmacology and other fields. In the current study, APPswe  + PS1/A246E bigenic mice with Alzheimer's-like pathogenesis and wild-type controls were subdivided at 3 months of age into low, intermediate, and high responders in open-field activity. The mice were then evaluated longitudinally at 3 and 9 months for object recognition. Irrespective of genotype, mice with a high level of motor activity had better scores in object recognition. However, a significant correlation was established between open-field activity measured at 3 months of age and recognition memory measured at 9 months of age in the bigenic group only. These results indicate that motor activity in young mice with amyloid neuropathology may serve as a predicting variable for cognitive dysfunction in more mature mice.