Food chemistry

Changes in the contents and profiles of selected phenolics, soyasapogenols, tocopherols, and amino acids during soybean-rice mixture cooking: Electric rice cooker vs electric pressure rice cooker.

PMID 25624205


This study investigated the changes in the contents and profiles of 35 phenolics (including 12 isoflavones), four tocopherols, two soyasapogenols and 20 amino acids when soybean and rice were cooked together (soybean-rice mixture) using either an electric rice cooker (ERC) or an electric pressure rice cooker (EPRC). The contents of the 35 selected phenolics in soybean decreased by 12% and 8% upon cooking by ERC and EPRC, respectively, and their profiles were different from that prior to cooking (P<0.05). Total tocopherol content of soybeans decreased by 7% after cooking in an ERC, but increased by 3% in soybeans cooked by EPRC. Total soyasapogenol content in soybeans cooked by ERC and EPRC decreased by 15% and 6%, respectively. Lastly, the total amino acid content of soybeans increased by 41% and 10% after cooking by ERC and EPRC, respectively. This study extends our knowledge about the effects of heat and pressure on the contents and profiles of bioactive compounds during soybean-rice mixture cooking. These results may be useful for improving the quality of bioactive compounds in soybean and rice depending on cooking conditions.