Cancer research

miR340 suppresses the stem-like cell function of glioma-initiating cells by targeting tissue plasminogen activator.

PMID 25627976


Glioma-initiating cells (GIC) have stem-like cell properties thought to be sufficient for recurrence, progression, and drug resistance in glioblastomas. In the present study, we defined miRNA (miR)-340 as a differentially expressed miRNA in human GICs that inhibit GIC-mediated tumorigenesis. Furthermore, we defined tissue plasminogen activator (PLAT) as a critical direct target of miR340 for inhibition. Among miRNAs screened, we found that miR340 expression was decreased in all human GICs and in human glioblastoma tissues, compared with human neural stem cells and normal brain tissues. miR340 overexpression in GICs suppressed their proliferative, invasive, and migratory properties in vitro, triggering cell senescence in vitro and inhibiting GIC-induced tumorigenesis in mouse brains. shRNA-mediated silencing of PLAT in GICs phenocopied the effects of miR340 overexpression in vitro and in vivo, suggesting a potential role for tissue factor in stem-like cell function. Taken together, our results identified miR340 as a tumor suppressor that functions in GIC to enforce PLAT blockade and ablate their stem-like functions.