Prenatal diagnosis

Single-tube nonaplex microsatellite PCR panel for preimplantation genetic diagnosis of Hb Bart's hydrops fetalis syndrome.

PMID 25641621


To develop a single-tube multi-marker assay for improved preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) of deletional and/or non-deletional Hb Bart's hydrops fetalis syndrome, providing haplotype confirmation of deletional status, and maximization of linkage informativity. We performed in silico mining to identify novel microsatellites within 1 Mb flanking the alpha-globin gene cluster, and optimized a single-tube assay combining detection of α(0) -thalassemia deletions with multi-marker linkage analysis. We performed validation on 100 single cells prior to clinical PGD application. Of 42 markers encompassing the α-globin gene cluster that were identified in silico, 9 were highly polymorphic (0.68 ≤ polymorphism information content ≤ 0.92; 0.66 ≤ Ho  ≤ 0.90; 10 ≤ alleles ≤ 35) and optimized to co-amplify directly from a single cell. A validation analysis of 100 single lymphoblasts yielded 100% amplification success for all markers, and individual marker allele drop-out (ADO) rates of 0-5%. Clinical application of the assay in PGD for Hb Bart's (2 cases/cycles) resulted in a twin pregnancy and healthy live birth of two baby girls. This single-tube nonaplex microsatellite PCR panel can be applied directly to PGD of most deletional Hb Bart's without the need for deletion-specific customization, and to linkage-based PGD of non-deletional Hb Bart's.