BMC genomics

Genome analysis of Flaviramulus ichthyoenteri Th78(T) in the family Flavobacteriaceae: insights into its quorum quenching property and potential roles in fish intestine.

PMID 25652846


Intestinal microbes play significant roles in fish and can be possibly used as probiotics in aquaculture. In our previous study, Flaviramulus ichthyoenteri Th78(T), a novel species in the family Flavobacteriaceae, was isolated from fish intestine and showed strong quorum quenching (QQ) ability. To identify the QQ enzymes in Th78(T) and explore the potential roles of Th78(T) in fish intestine, we sequenced the genome of Th78(T) and performed extensive genomic analysis. An N-acyl homoserine lactonase FiaL belonging to the metallo-β-lactamase superfamily was identified and the QQ activity of heterologously expressed FiaL was confirmed in vitro. FiaL has relatively little similarity to the known lactonases (25.2 ~ 27.9% identity in amino acid sequence). Various digestive enzymes including alginate lyases and lipases can be produced by Th78(T), and enzymes essential for production of B vitamins such as biotin, riboflavin and folate are predicted. Genes encoding sialic acid lyases, sialidases, sulfatases and fucosidases, which contribute to utilization of mucus, are present in the genome. In addition, genes related to response to different stresses and gliding motility were also identified. Comparative genome analysis shows that Th78(T) has more specific genes involved in carbohydrate transport and metabolism compared to other two isolates in Flavobacteriaceae, both isolated from sediments. The genome of Th78(T) exhibits evident advantages for this bacterium to survive in the fish intestine, including production of QQ enzyme, utilization of various nutrients available in the intestine as well as the ability to produce digestive enzymes and vitamins, which also provides an application prospect of Th78(T) to be used as a probiotic in aquaculture.

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N-(3-Oxododecanoyl)-L-homoserine lactone, quorum sensing signaling molecule