International journal of cosmetic science

Qualitative characterization of a transesterification product of coconut oil by FIA-APCI-MS.

PMID 25660514


The purpose of this work was the qualitative characterization of a recently transesterification product obtained from the coconut oil in the presence of polyglycerol-6 to produce a new PEG-free secondary surfactant. The purpose of a secondary surfactant is to reduce the harshness of a skin cleanser. The transesterification product was qualitatively characterized in our laboratory by flow injection analysis-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization-mass spectrometry (FIA-APCI-MS). The mass spectrum of the transesterification product was compared to those of the starting materials (polyglycerol and coconut oil). The analyses highlighted the disappearance of the starting oil peaks and the appearance of new peaks assignable to the reaction products, mainly corresponding to diesters of polyglycerol. Additionally, peaks of unreacted polyglycerol are present as well as peaks of cyclization products derived from the polyglycerol starting material. The development of this fast and easy analytical method, requesting only few minutes to be performed, represents a very useful tool for the characterization of transesterification products during the quality control of batches under production.